The pencil is the classic writing item. Lightweight, eco-friendly and convenient, it makes an excellent thoughtful gift. Ideal for potential prospects who are keen to carry the Healy brand. Dimensions: 180 mm Color: white with gray logo print Material: wood Font color: gray

Product number HE-000003.1


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Drinking Bottle
Use our stylish Healy water bottle whether you are exercising or doing your daily tasks. Drinking water is good for health and allows you to have a productive day. Transport your water from one place to another and never feel thirsty again. Dimensions: Ø 74 x 257 mm Color: white with gray logo engraving Material: stainless steel Filling quantity: 700 ml

Product number HE-000019.1


Sticker - Indoor
Decorate your belongings with the Healy stickers to make them more pleasant and attracting. Easy to share around with friends and prospects. Dimensions: Ø 80 mm Color: white with colored logo print Material: adhesive paper

Product number HE-000016.1


Carbon neutral
Paper Bag
There is always something to bring around. This paper bag with the Healy logo allows you to carry different items with you. Dimensions: 240 x 340 x 90 mm Color: white with colored logo print Material: 100 g/m² kraft paper with paper cord Did you know that this product was produced by us climate neutral? Of course, our nature is especially close to our hearts. That is why we make our contribution. Our advertising materials cause CO2 emissions that are offset by supporting climate protection projects.

Product number HE-000011.1


You have some time to spare at home or at the office? Have your drink break using our Healy mug! Our product holds a larger amount of fluid than a regular cup. And even so, you won't get enough of drinking in it. Dimensions: Ø 82 x 95 mm Color: white with gray logo print Material: ceramic (dishwasher safe) Filling quantity: 340 ml

Product number HE-000018.1


Healy lanyards are your ideal companion during events, conferences, but also in your daily life. You can attach whatever you want to it such as keys, laminated cards and much more. It's always within reach whenever you need it.Dimensions: 900 x 20 mm Color: white with colored logo printMaterial: 420 g/m² polyester strap with hook

Product number HE-000007.1